The 80’s called and asked for their 401(k) back.
We’ve reinvented the 401(k) in the modern age with modern tools, technology and real-time service. It’s time to get your 401(k) up to speed!
Everything you need
and nothing more
While most other 401(k) offerings are a mash-up of existing tech, platforms and relationships which only add cost and complexity, 401GO is built from scratch and bundles all the services you need in one simply streamlined solution that saves you time and money.
Advisors Welcome…
We value and understand the importance of relationships which is why we partner with businesses and financial advisors. Whether you are a CPA, benefits provider, payroll processor, or other business advisor, we want to work with you.
Plans of All Sizes
We have found most of the classic 401(k) providers don’t even want your business if you have less than $1 million in your plan. We don’t mind if you have $0 or $100 million, our pricing is the same regardless of assets. We just want to help you get started today!

Saving for retirement has never been easier.

401(k) Reinvented

Cloud Based
401k Solution




No Minimums

No Minimums

There is never a minimum you're required to contribute to your 401(k) plan. In order for your retirement account to reach it's peak potential, we provide a suggested amount to help you reach your goal.

Super Simple Setup

Super Simple Setup

We make managing your 401(k) quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to manage each month and your 401(k) is easily managed online.

Attract Talent

Attract Talent

Want to Attract Top Talent? According to the NYTimes, 1 in 4 small businesses offer a 401(k). Which means offering a 401(k) gives you a big advantage over your competition when hiring.

Low Cost
401(k) Plans

Are you the sole owner of a business or do you have a business with 100’s of employees? Our 401k plans are a great way to save for your future as well as  the potential to lower the taxes you pay each year.

We have perfect plans for everyone. Each with huge savings and features for small businesses.  In addition our 401k plans would be an excellent benefit for your future employees; helping you attract and retain the most talented candidates.

Streamlined Approach

All in one

401Go provides you with a quick and easy solution for opening and managing your retirement plan.

Software Keeps it Simple

We have developed a powerful software solution for managing your retirement account.

Fully Integrated HR & Payroll

Are you ready for a new payroll system? We provide HR and payroll to meet your specific needs.

Efficiency &

We can help you build a plan that keeps up with a constantly changing market and can adapt with you.

WHY 401GO?

We provide a simple solution that benefits both you and your company; help you and your employees save for retirement.  You can put money away for your retirement with no minimum investment. Plus, you can potentially receive tax credits and deductions to lower your cost.

Low maintenance

Open a 401Go retirement account in just minutes and quickly manage your account online each month.

Conflict Free

Are there conflicts of interest within your current 401(k) plan? Don't let bad funds stay in your plan and hurt your retirement savings.

Tax Benefits

By funding a 401(k), you lower the amount of income you have to pay taxes on, which can makes less of an impact on your current paycheck.


Contact Us

401GO is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and to help you create an effective 401(k) solution for you business.

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